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Humans have used honey for thousands of years, both as a delicious source of food and as a medicinal supplement. Ancient peoples knew what they were doing in using honey as a salve for burns and wounds – it is an effective antibacterial agent with a soothingly viscous texture. For similar reasons, it works wonders on a sore throat. At the same time, with its source in plant nectar, honey strengthens the immune system by bestowing some resistance to allergens. As a symbol of nature’s bounty, the wonders of honey can’t be exaggerated.

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Visit a honey cart to partake of the sweet and soothing elixir known by the Ancient Greeks as the “food of the gods.” Our distinctive carts are meant to imitate the structure and spirit of the honeycomb, using their shape to offer our line of inspiring products derived from bees, their hives, or from their symbolism to human beings. Stop by to taste delicious samples of natural honey and learn more about all of our bee-derived or –inspired products.